Just In The St. Nick of Time

Christmas is in three days, and I’m happy to say that I got the Retro Ornament throw finished and mailed off to my parents in time. I got a large part of it done when I first wrote about it in May (see my previous post), but I soon after set the throw aside for several months, and then pushed myself to complete it at the end of November. It turned out really pretty, and the colours seemed to pop even more after I washed it. (I also steamed it to create a bit more softness and drape.) Below are some photos of the finished throw.

I can’t believe I completed such a large project!
My nine-year-old son doesn’t understand why I bunched the throw like this for the photo. I’m not exactly sure, either, but maybe because it looks more “thrown”. ;).
The tassels each look a little different, adding to the afghan’s complexity, and handmade character.
It’s like looking into a thousand eyes!

I didn’t end up finishing the Christmas Light Granny Square throw I had intended to make for my sister and her husband, partly because I left it too late. I’ll write more about that in my next post…


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